Thursday, August 19, 2021

Gluten Free Dining at BOMA's Dinner Buffet, Which Reopens Aug 2021

BOMA reopens at WDW on August 20, 2021

As y'all know a few months ago I was told to stay away from gluten. It's been pretty easy ordering off menus at WDW; however, I was a little nervous about heading to BOMA Flavors of Africa (for a preopening private event) since it is a buffet restaurant.  Fortunately all my fears were put to ease quite quickly.  Let me tell you more.

When we arrived, I told my server that I had a gluten allergy and was given an allergen guide. He said if I had more questions, he could walk me through the buffet line or get a chef to visit with me.  I decided to use the guide and headed to the "Pods" (the restaurant's term for various stations).

In all honesty, there were more foods that I could eat than I couldn't eat. There was also "upon request" items that you request. 

If you have ever been to BOMA, you know that there are nine Pods.  This was my second trip to the restaurant, but my first time since going gluten-free.  Call me a rebel, but I never go "in order" as I prefer to start with soup and salad. 

Everything at Pod Seven was a go for me, even the yummy Buttermilk dressing. YUM!

Most of the soups (Pod Four) are gluten free. My husband loved the Butternut Squash soup, but I chose the Sambal Chicken Corn Chowder. (Bad news, if you are a fan of the famous Carrot Ginger soup, it is not currently being offered with the reopening.)

Next I circled back to Pod One which serves many of the restaurant's African favorites. The Sweet Corn Pudding and Potatoes were gluten safe. I decided to try the Rotisserie Chicken and Tamarind Ribs.  (I am not a fan of Lamb so bypassed the Bobotie, however it is GF according to the guide I was given.) 

Unfortunately the Peanut Rice (Pod Three) is NOT gluten free (although I admit I had one tiny bite--I know, I know, bad girl).  However, the Basmati Rice is marked gluten safe. 

Now the best news of all.  Make sure your waiter brings you GLUTEN FREE Zebra Domes. Yes, that is a thing!!!  They are made slightly different but are just as amazing!

There were so many more things I could eat, but I was already full!  Everything was delicious and I had no complaints.  Basically I want to say, don't be intimidated by a buffet at Disney if you have an allergy.  Talk to your server and request the allergen guide!

Please note that there is a chance of cross contamination due to the self-service approach.  Also allergy info may change so please ask your server upon arrival.