My two middle schoolers began their Spring Break on Friday, March 13th.  Due to the Corona Pandemic, we chose not to go anywhere. We've been staying home for the most part so out of boredom, and for some laughs, I began recreating the song "12 days of Christmas".  Each day on social media I added a new lyric. Below is the final version. Enjoy!

Six cans a-laying

“On the twelfth day of spring break, Corona gave to me ...
Twelve rolls I’m hoarding,
Eleven teacher emails,
Ten games we’re playing,
Nine days no make up,
Eight Disney classics,
Seven books I’m-reading,
Six cans a-laying,
Five yoga routines,
Four streaming apps,
Three closed parks,
Two bored teens,
And one massive grocery store bill.“

Four Streaming Apps

Ten games we're playing

Twelve rolls I'm hoarding
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