Friday, September 07, 2018

NEW! Food & Beverage Pairings at 2018 Epcot Food and Wine

This year at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, there is a NEW seminar offering in the Festival Center.  

Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the festival, guests can attend a "Food and Beverage Pairing" hosted by top industry pros for $25 (advanced reservations recommended).

We decided to try the Fish and Wine Pairing today. 
(You can get the FULL SCHEDULE HERE.) 

When we sat down the recipe was on our tables along with a glass of wine.

A presenter (Katie) welcomed us and then introduced David Redondi to tell us about the Italian wine we were being served.

This particular white wine was called Verdicchio.
I enjoyed it; however, my husband said it was too dry for his taste.

Next, Chef Nikk Burton came out to demonstrated how to cook the dish, Poached Halibut.

When the Chef was finalizing his presentation on stage, (pre-plated) dishes were brought out to us to try. I am not a fish eater but I did try a couple of bites.  It was nice.

At the end, a few audience questions were answered.  Guests were also invited to the stage after the end of the seminar if they had further questions.

Would I recommend the Food and Beverage Pairing? That is a tough question. This type of seminar is not for everyone.  I think it really depends on how much you enjoy cooking and pairing fine wines; and it also depends on the dish.