Monday, September 03, 2018

French Quarter Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt

Halloween has arrived at Walt Disney World and there is a fun new way to celebrate the season at Port Orleans - French Quarter!  

Grab your "French Quarter Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt" sheet at the resort's front desk and get ready to hunt for 13 villain pumpkins on the property. 

Some pumpkins are outside and some are inside. Make sure you search high and low.
(The first pumpkin we found was Captain Hook!) On your sheet, you need to name the villain and the location of the pumpkin. 

It's such a fun way to spend a couple of hours having fun with your family or friends.

Once you find all 13 pumpkins, you return to the front desk for a prize (a special pin!). 

Picture of the 2018 prize pin from my friend Thomas Radzak

So head to the French Quarter Resort and enjoy this free activity!