Sunday, July 23, 2023

My New Coffee Bar

More and more coffee lovers find it enjoyable to have a coffee bar set up at home because it provides convenience, allowing them to prepare their favorite coffee beverages at any time. It also creates a cozy and personalized space where they can experiment with different coffee recipes and enjoy the comfort of home while savoring their coffee.

Hubby and I recently decided to design a new coffee bar area in our kitchen/dining room. We found all the things we needed on line.  I think it came out nice. 

I started with the Coridon Accent Cabinet (in gray wash) from Wayfair.

I added this single black metal rack with mug hooks from Amazon:

And we purchased a pair  of HOOBRO Floating Shelves shelves in griege (24 inches):

BUT at this time, we are experimenting with only one of the shelves up.  Still not sure if I want/need the second shelf or not. What do you think?

P.S. We love the Cuisinart coffee makers in our home as they seem to last the longest.