Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Veroni charcuterie give an extra kick to festive fourth of July charcuterie boards

With a wild range of premium quality products, the only imported Italian brand of cold cuts in the US takes the charcuterie board trend to the next level.

Veroni, the beloved maker of Italian deli meats and specialty products, offers the opportunity to celebrate Independence Day in the best way possible. From the so popular Italian Prosciutto to a selection of Italian traditional salami such as Salame Milano, Salame di Parma, and Salame Calabrese, to Italian regional specialties such as Coppa, Speck, and Mortadella, Veroni’s charcuterie is a great addition to craft an impressive and delicious charcuterie board that looks as delicious as it tastes.

7.Veroni USA- Caitlin Bletzacker
Image courtesy of Caitlin Bletzacker

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The creations of food influencers on Instagram

While deli meats are not typical American products, they represent a pillar in American social life According to a survey by Veroni, 78% of US consumers enjoy charcuterie with company, whether they are family or friends. Today, social media – from TikTok to Instagram – are plenty of amazing grazing tables that drive an authentic trend. Veroni’s IG feed as well is filled every day with colorful and delicious appetizer boards crafted with charcuterie. For the special occasion of the 4th of July, the Italian, family-owned cured meat producer asked their best Instagram fans a platter with Veroni’s selection featuring their own idea of festive Independence Day charcuterie board. The result is astonishing and, indeed, mouthwatering. Here are the Veroni family’s favorite pics: let be inspired for your next grazing board!

According to a survey by Veroni, for 78% of American consumers charcuterie is a perfect addition to festive tables.

(A delicious) gallery

Just add some small flowers picked up from your garden and your grazing board will literally bloom!

1.Veroni USA_Catherine Shapiro
Image courtesy of Catherine Shapiro, @_thymeandhoney_

The red, white, and blue colors of the US flag are easy to replicate on your board by combining Veroni charcuterie with seasonal fruit and delicious cheese!


2. Veroni USA_Rhianna Cloggero
Image courtesy of Rhianna Cloggero, @themad_platter 

It’s not the 4th of July without a waving flag…


3. Veroni USA_ Kelsey Bassett

Image courtesy of Kelsey Bassett, @theboardloon




4. Veroni USA_Carly Baker

Image courtesy of Carly Baker, @bakercheesecompany


…and a lot of stars!


5. Veroni USA_Sarah Korda

Image courtesy of Sarah Korda, @korda_boards


Even better when you can use a star-shaped tray that will impress your guests!


6. Veroni USA_ Dimitra Hare-Michael

Image courtesy of Dimitria Hare-Michael, @grateboards


Summing up: high-quality, fresh products rich in taste and a bit of creativity will make your 4th of July cheese and charcuterie board extra delicious and special!