Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Don't Leave Home without an OxiClean Stain Pen

Okay moms -- This one is for you.  How many times have you been out to lunch or dinner, and your kid accidentally spills on his or her clothes!?  Too many times to count, right!? (Heck, I am a grown adult and I still do it all time!) 

I was introduced to a product that can safely remove food, drink, and makeup stains from your clothing while you are on the go, the OxiClean Stain Pen.  The directions are quite easy: Simply pop off the top, lightly squeeze and gently scrub the stain with the pen tip.  

Best of all, the pen is small and fits into all my handbags.  I also keep a spare next to my washing machine for any stains I may have missed.  (The pen works best on fresh stains, but can help with older stains as well.)

The OxiClean Stain Pen is available at stores nationwide.  If you want a product that allows you to immediately treat a stain and forget about it, this is for you! It is a serious game changer for this mom.