Saturday, May 15, 2021

Simple Ways To Update Any Room

Are you working on updating a room in your home? Maybe you are sprucing things up for spring while doing deep cleaning, or maybe you are revamping your home for a future sale. Either way, if you are updating a room and feel stuck, read through this short list of simple ways to update any room. These are easy (and fun) tips that can completely change any room in your home for the better:

Try a fresh coat of paint

Paint can make or break a room and when you update it to a fresh color, it can completely update and transform any room, no matter how outdated it is. If you want to make the room brighter, try a white, light grey, or crisp yellow. If you want to stay on-trend, try something different like a paint splattered wall, a stencil, or you could even add in some trendy wallpaper. Don’t think about wallpaper as that outdated material that you used to see in older homes. It is back in style and it’s better than ever, so don’t knock it until you try it!

Faux Brickwork

Are you not a fan of changing out the paint? Or, do you have a kitchen or bathroom area that needs updating? If so, you should definitely consider adding in Faux brick wall panels from Faux Brickwork. Faux Brickwork is a Florida-based company that is the best place to get authentic looking faux brickwork for both residential and commercial properties. They say, “We are able to provide exceptional authentic looking brickwork to suit any setting. Our high quality materials ensure you achieve the look and feel you require without the need for expensive and timely building work. Our versatile materials make it easy and affordable to create the perfect atmosphere both at work or at home. Our friendly design team are on hand to assist you and offer advise on your design, so whatever specifications or ideas you have, we will be able to find your perfect match. Even with our extensive range of faux brickwork if you don't find exactly what your looking for, we offer a comprehensive design service for more custom made ideas.”

The great thing about Faux Brickwork is that it is super simple to install, so you do not need to worry about timely (and expensive) build work. You can install the panels on your own because they are so lightweight. Faux Brickwork is definitely the place to check out if you are looking to update a backsplash or a full wall!

Add in fluffy pillows 

Decorating the large furniture in a room is easy with pillows. They come in so many different sizes and shapes which can allow you to change the decoration in your space instantly.  Also, this is a super easy way to change your decoration for each season. They provide the opportunity for seasonal changes in your home that are affordable and simple. 

Consider greenery

Plants help provide fresh oxygen and create beautiful settings. I typically stick to plants that do not require a ton of attention. When you follow all the people on Instagram and you see their beautiful plants, do you want to know their secret? I sure do, how do you keep those things alive? Well, if you want to add greenery into your home without the stress of keeping them alive you can also purchase some faux plants. They provide beautiful backdrops and additions on any countertop. 

Use your space wisely

Using your space wisely is hard to do - especially when you are not buying completely new furniture. If you have a small nook area, put the weird space to use by changing it into a reading nook, adding in a bookshelf, or creating a small office space. When it comes to your furniture, place each item carefully to make the best use of everything. Using your space wisely, trying different furniture placement, and utilizing your space as much as possible definitely changes a room completely.

There are so many ideas when it comes to updating your rooms, but these are just a few simple ways to update any room in your home, without spending a lot of time or money on the project.

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