Thursday, January 07, 2021

Hard Alcohol and Wine Sales Up During Covid, But Beer Sales Are Down

According to a recent data analysis by Ibotta, the leading cash-back app helping people save money with their everyday purchases, there seems to be a lot of truth to this!

Overall, spirits and hard liquor is up the most with a 33% increase during the first part of the pandemic when compared with 2019 sales, followed by wine at a 12% increase. Surprisingly, beer sales overall are down, with a few exceptions! 

Here is what we know about pandemic alcohol sales based on data from Ibotta:

Beer: - Down 2% overall, with the following data for each subcategory

Flavored Malt Beverage: +37.4%
Non-Alcoholic Beer: +15.9%
Craft Import Beer: -17%

Spirits and Hard Liquor: Up 33% overall, with the following data for each subcategory

Liqueur: +75%
Brandy: +43%
Tequila: +40%
Whiskey: +39%
Vodka: +26%
Gin: +14%
Rum: +14%

Wine: Overall a 12% increase for all types combined, with the following subcategories

Flavored: +73%
Fortified: +51%
Red: +12%
Rice Wine: +37%
Rose: +24%
Sparkling: +5%
White: +9%

I encourage you to always drink responsibly.  If you like me, enjoy an adult beverage, take a minute to check out Ibotta where you could get cash back on your purchases.  

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