Friday, October 23, 2020

SimpleCoat multi-surface treatment is a new favorite!

I love that I inherited my great grandmother’s cedar chest. I’ve had the piece for many years and I hope to pass it on to my daughter one day.  Knowing that I can seal and protect the piece from liquid stains and fingerprints with SimpleCoat is a huge relief.

 Disclaimer: I received the SimpleCoat product at no charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

SimpleCoat is a non-toxic multi-surface treatment which seals and protects many surfaces in the home, including stainless steel appliances, hard plastics, stone countertops (granite, marble and tile), wooden cutting boards, leather (boots, shoes and bags) and more.  

Just a few drops of SimpleCoat will go a long way! Look at my before and after results! I polished the entire chest in a matter of minutes. And now, my cedar chest is protected from liquids, stains, odors and fingerprints.  

Best of all the product is hypoallergenic, odor free and safe around children and pets. 
I want to tell you that I have also applied the product on the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen and can honestly say no more streaks.  Everything looks shiny and new again. 

Want to try it for yourself?  Head to for a 5% discount off your purchase on Amazon.  SimpleCoat gets a thumbs up from me.