Friday, October 16, 2020

Louisiana Restaurateurs Launch Anticipated Beignet Mix Just in Time for Holidays

Orleans Foods, an emerging Creole/Cajun food brand, owned and operated by two Louisiana natives, is launching their new authentic beignet mix, an easy and quick 3-step recipe mix that will bring deliciousness and happiness to you and your family in just under an hour.

Husband and wife Heidi and Micah Stampley are the founders of Orleans Foods. Heidi comes from a food-loving family of Creole descent; her grandmother was a master dessert maker and was known to always have all kinds of desserts at her house for anyone to come pick up whenever they wanted. Heidi had always shared her passion for Creole food and culture with her husband, and they loved it so much that they decided to share it with the rest of their town by opening up a Creole café in April of 2017. Not long after that, after the huge success of their first café, they were able to extend their small business by opening up a second café in January of 2019, which created constant lines outside their door.

The reason why both cafés were so successful was undoubtedly due to their delicious homemade beignet recipe. Beignets are square pastries made from deep-fried dough and covered with powdered sugar. The quintessential Louisiana delicacy has been a staple in Heidi and Micah’s family for over 100 years now, and through their cafés, they were able to share it with tens of thousands of customers in the course of three years, receiving waves of positive reviews both in-person and online. Even the hashtag #TheHappyPlace was branded for the cafés. Some of these online reviews state: “Wow, very authentic and full of flavor down to the last bite” and “Beignets are perfectly fluffy, with a crisp outside texture.”

Heidi and Micah knew they wanted to extend their brand and reach people that didn’t necessarily live in their area as well. They had been working on this idea for two years and, after the official selling of the cafes for personal reasons, it became even more clear to them. They were going to continue to follow their passion and keep making people smile through food by launching Orleans Foods. The first of their planned food products is, of course, an easy-to-make recipe of their signature beignets, so that all of those that weren’t able to visit the café in person can now enjoy Heidi and Micah’s uniquely delicious beignets in the comfort of their home. 

The beignet mix recipe is now available for preorder with free shipping right to your doorstep, and it will also be launching with a major retailer in November. There are different packs available for purchase, depending on the amount of beignets you’re looking to make. However, these special packs are only going to be available for a limited amount of time, so make sure to get your hands on them as soon as possible!

You can choose to buy the “Try it out Pack”, with 1 pack of the mix, the “First Starters Pack”, which includes 2 packs of the mix, the “Big Fan Pack”, with 5 packs of the mix plus some New Orleans roast coffee, and lastly, the “Beignet Lover Pack”, which includes 10 packs of the mix, New Orleans roast coffee, and a beignet cutter. Pick your poison and enjoy the deliciousness of this easy-to-make beignet recipe!

For additional information please check out Orleans Foods Ltd.