One day I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, "Gosh, look at my roots!  I just dyed my hair two or three weeks ago!" And suddenly I thought, "What if I stopped coloring my hair!?!"

Between cooking dishes, I went to Pinterest and did a quick search of women embracing their silver or gray in their 40s. I found some amazing photos of beautiful women.  And then and there, I told everyone I was going gray.  I have never looked back.


This was around month 2.  
The roots were just starting to show.

Month 3:

Around month 3, I started using braids in the front to hide the demarcation line.

Month 5

From months 6 to 8, I did A LOT of braids!

But some days I left it down.
(I personally liked the two tone look!)

Around 10/11 months!


 I have a very little touch of blonde on the ends, but for the most part, I am all natural now and I couldn't love it more!

Below are some tips that have helped me along the way.

1. Don't ask people their opinions.  Just tell the world you are doing it.  Be brave. It is your hair and your life.  You don't need other's opinions. (If you have to ask others than maybe you are not ready.)

2. Braids were so helpful around months 3 to 5, when I had a bad demarcation line.  When I felt that my hair looked like a hot mess, a braid would save the day.

3. I slowly began to change the colors in my wardrobe.  I used to wear lots of coral, yellows and browns (warm colors).  Over time, I began to purchase more jewel tones such as blues, greens and purples.

4. Follow the hashtag #SilverSisters on social media. You will find so much support among others going through the same journey as you.

5. Collagen gummies have been a great help to me.  Many times silver/gray hair can come out baby fine.  The collagen supplements from Better Not Younger have made my hair so thick.

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