Thursday, April 09, 2020

Stress Less Through Fostering or Adopting a Pet, Says TurfMutt

Is the COVID-19 pandemic putting stress on you and your family? The TurfMutt Foundation, whose mission is to encourages outdoor learning experiences and stewardship of our green spaces, urges anyone who can to consider fostering or adopting a four-legged friend.

“While we’re at home being responsible, it’s a wonderful opportunity to do some additional good,” says Kris Kiser, President of the TurfMutt Foundation. “One of the things we can do when staying home is to give shelter animals a home, too. It’s a time of need. Animal shelters around the country are challenged right now with reduced staffing and trying to stay safe. Plus fostering or adopting a pet right now could be a big de-stressor for your family, and who knows? You just might find your next best four-legged friend.”

Both spokesdogs of TurfMutt, Lucky and Mulligan, were rescue animals. After Lucky, the first TurfMutt, passed last fall, Kiser adopted Mulligan at last year’s Lucky’s Mutt Madness, an annual pet adoption event that takes place at the Louisville, Ky-based international trade show, GIE+EXPO, which brings together the outdoor professionals that build and maintain our yards. The Kentucky Humane Society partners with the Foundation on the event.

“There has never been a better time to foster or adopt a grateful shelter dog. We encourage everyone to contact their local animal shelter to see how they can help the animals by adopting, fostering or donating,” says Alisa Gray, Vice President of Outreach, Kentucky Humane Society.

Kiser adds, “TurfMutt’s Mulligan was a foster, and she’s a better dog for it. After adopting her at Mutt Madness, I brought her home where she’s a constant companion at home and work, and she’s been a major help in managing this stressful time. Not only is she a terrific spokesdog for the Foundation but she’s making sure I’m getting out into the yard often and taking breaks from news-watching and work.”

Getting outdoors, even right in their own backyards, has proven to be a major stress-relieving activity for families during this unprecedented time. “Science has shown both nature and pets have an anxiety-reducing effect on people and kids. The combination of spending some time in our yards and playing with our four-legged friends could be the daily ritual stressed-out families need right now,” says Kiser. “And no one understand the joys of being outside more than a dog.”