Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Victoria's Voice...The book that could save your Child's Life

In 2015, David and Jackie Siegel lost their oldest daughter, Victoria, to an opioid overdose. They are now fierce advocates against the opioid crisis in America, raising funds and awareness and speaking with lawmakers about what needs to happen to protect other families from experiencing this tragic heartbreak.

If you live in Central Florida, you have heard of David and Jackie Siegel.  Those outside the Orlando area may know the couple from the Sundance award-winning documentary, The Queen of Versailles.

The Siegels lives changed on June 6, 2015 when they received a call no parents should ever get. 

Their 18-year-old beautiful, vibrant daughter Victoria had died of a drug overdose. From that moment on, the Siegels vowed to do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening to other parents. 

Now, the main thing they want to be known for is their passionate fight against the opioid crisis in the United States, and using their platform to help save the lives of other teens who are struggling with drug addiction. Right after Victoria passed away, Jackie received a text from one of Victoria's friends directing her to look in her bedroom nightstand for a secret diary she had kept – and suggested they publish it. The Siegels decided to honor Victoria's wish, and published Victoria’s Voice: Our daughter’s dying wish to share her diary and save lives from drugs.  

“Nearly 200 people are dying of an opioid overdose every single day. That is like a jetliner crashing seven days a week,” David says. “Something needs to be done. My daughter’s legacy is that through her death, we hope thousands more will be saved.”

Victoria’s Voice is a raw look at the life of Victoria in her own words through her colorfully-illustrated diary, accompanied by expert commentary, medical advice, tips and resources that teach both parents and teens about substance abuse and provide support for overcoming experimentation and addiction. 

Victoria’s Voice is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Victoria’s Voice: Our daughter's dying wish to share her diary and save lives from drugs
Authors: David and Jackie Siegel
Publisher: Momosa Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: March 1, 2019
Paperback: 304 pages, $19.95
eBook: 304 pages, $9.99

The Siegels also founded The Victoria’s Voice Foundation, which aim to reduce drug experimentation, addiction and overdose death through supporting legislation and raising awareness. They are also creating a speaker’s bureau, with hopes of reaching every single middle school in the United States with presentations on the dangers of drug and opioid abuse.