Friday, January 04, 2019

If You ONLY Change One Thing this New Year, Drink More Water!

For awhile, I was doing great with drinking water each day. I had given up my addiction to Coca-Cola and sipped water all day long.  But let's face it, the holidays screwed me over.  I gave in to more coffee and beer (and yes an occasional soda); and found myself skipping my daily intake of water. 

"It’s definitely easy to get busy and forget to drink water," said Meghan who runs The Fresh Fuel. "So, the first thing I do every morning is drink a big bottle of water while I'm turning on the coffee pot. Our bodies are just naturally dehydrated when we wake up, so starting off with water to re-hydrate before coffee is definitely important to our daily routine."

"Another trick that I often use is to put multiple bottles of water on the counter in the morning and challenge myself to drink them all before I go to bed. Because, honestly, that’s often the only way I’ll get it done," said Meghan.

I had not thought of that tip!  (And y'all know I have enough Tervis tumblers in my life to do this.)

Just in case you need a reminder of why our bodies needs water, Meghan gave me the following tips to share with my readers.

Water helps with EVERYTHING in your body. It helps to:

  1. Increase energy: when you hit that sleepiness after lunch, try chugging a bottle of water. It’ll wake your brain up and give you a little boost.
  2. Promote weight loss: fills up your tummy so you aren’t eating as much. Try drinking an entire bottle of water throughout one meal (a few sips after each bite) and see how full you are. It also reduces hunger and raises metabolism.
  3. Push toxins out of your body + maintain regular digestion: waste, y’all. It gets rid of all the waste through urine and sweat. Couldn’t do that without water. Have you ever had trouble “going”? Try chugging a bottle of water and it’ll happen pretty quickly.
  4. Improve skin complexion: Natural moisturizer, say what?!
  5. Boost immune system + natural headache remedy: before you pop that Advil, try drinking a bottle of water.
So how much water do you drink each day? What's the easiest way for you to reach your daily goal?

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