Monday, December 31, 2018

No Resolutions Here -- Just a ONE WORD mantra to start off 2019

I spent a good chunk of yesterday getting ready for 2019!

Some people like to hit the year running strong, and I am one of those people.  But I am also realistic. Making big resolutions never work for me. I believe in making small changes all year round as needs come up.

With that being said, ONE THING THAT DOES HELP ME each year is to come up with a ONE WORD THEME to use throughout the new year...a mantra so to speak! Some "one words" I have seen others use are:



Need more inspiration in finding your right word? You can google "one word" articles for examples, perhaps pick up a word from your favorite Bible verse, or visit

Once you find YOUR one word, I suggest you pin up the word on your bathroom mirror. Place it on the dashboard of your car. Change your computer's password.  Remember this word is your FOCUS of the new year, so you want to see it repeated as much as possible each day.

In no time you will have found your focus ... and will be on your way to a better YOU in 2019!

Have you tried this in the past? If not, perhaps this is your year to give it a whirl?