Monday, August 13, 2018

My First Time getting (Medical) Botox

I never considered getting Botox. I am 45 and figured I would "age gracefully". My mom has very few wrinkles and perhaps I got our her good skin genes. Friends were getting Botox. I didn't judge them.  Afterall, they looked great and I was happy for them. It was just not something I was ever interested in...until I was hit with facial paralysis from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome earlier this year.

Half of my face has been paralyzed for six months as a result of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.  As a result Synkensis (the development of linked or unwanted facial movements) is setting in; as well as hemi-facials.

INJECTION DAY (Day 1, Wednesday)

As I headed to my doctor appointment, I was nervous as hell.  I begged my hubby to come (which he did); and I took a Xanax to calm down. I knew going into this that the injections would feel like bee stings (ugh!) and I knew there were possible side affects (like burning and headaches), but I was also afraid of the unknown -- I didn't know what I would look like or how I would feel in the days afterwards. The anxiety was getting the best of me.

I was brought into the exam room, complete the forms and waited for the doctor.  The nurse brought in two syringes filled with Botox and laid them on the counter next to me. (Oh crap, this was happening!)

My doctor walked in and asked if I was ready to get stated.  My hands were sweating like crazy. A wave of panic came over me. I closed my eyes and before I could even think twice the first (of six) injections was in.

I could her a small "crunch" when the needle was inserted, and it would sting force  a quick second or two, but that was it! Then she would quickly move to the next area. It was totally doable! I got 16 units spread out over 6 spots around my eye. The entire thing does a minute.  No lie, a minute! I had worried for nothing.

The only instructions for the rest of the day were not to lay down flat for a few hours.  Hubby and I went to dinner, and I felt fine the rest of the evening.  No headaches, no soreness, no pain. (Easy peasy!)

MORNING AFTER (Day 2, Thursday)

I actually woke up and forget about the Botox.  It wasn't until my son asked, "Do you feel any different?" That I remembered!  I don't see or fill a difference yet.  I had a slight headache--and I mean ever so slight.

Day 3 (Friday)

So roughly 48-hours after the injections, it felt sticky around my eye; hard to explain exactly.  Things were feeling different and my son noticed that my eyes looked more symmetrical. 

Day 1 vs Day 3

Day 6 (Monday)

My face is looking much better (symmetrical); and best of all, no more spasms in my upper cheek and right eye! I have had a slight headache the past few days.  Not sure if it is related to the Botox or not. Nothing major and I didn't take an ibuprofen, but I feel it at times.