Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tourist Tuesday: Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando

Looking for something fun to do in Orlando that your entire family will enjoy?
Look no further than the Pirate's Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure, located in Pirates Town at 6400 Carrier Drive between International Drive and Universal Boulevard, is an interactive, family-friendly show offering a diversity of acts, such as stunts, aerial tricks, sword fights, romance, comedy and more. 
The Pirate's Dinner Adventure reopened earlier this month after suffering damage in September 2017 from Hurricane Irma. 

My son and I decided to check out the popular attraction recently.  

With two tickets in hand, we headed out for a little mother/son quality time!
The Pirate's Dinner Adventure Show began at 7:30pm, but our tickets suggested we arrive between 6:00 and 6:30pm to enjoy pre-show appetizers and entertainment.  The theater is easy to find and there is a large parking lot on site ($6 fee, cash or credit card).
We stopped on the ship outside the entrance for a quick picture before walking in.

We were politely greeted at the check-in desk.  The clerk confirmed our meal selection (which was selected when tickets were purchased), and gave us each a VIP sticker (more on this in a minute).  We then took a few photos on a green screen which are available for purchase later in the evening.

The pre-show room is a large and open area -- and is full of energy! There are two open bars, face painting for kids (cash only), a large gift shop, music and more.

We decided to first check out the gift shop. There was a huge variety of pirate themed items--at many different prices--basically, something to suit everyone!  

Decisions, decisions....Flags, hats, tee shirts, jewelry and more!

There are many glow in the dark items as well, which were popular with the kids.

My son and I got into the pirate spirit; he got a head wrap and I got a scarf hat! 

Prior to the show, guests can enjoy a cocktail. (I decided on a draft beer.) There are a variety of wines, beer, and cocktails for purchase.  Pretty much anything you want!
You can get your cocktail served in a souvenir if you chose. 

Remember the VIP sticker I mentioned above?  Well, the Pirate's Dinner Adventure offers a VIP add-on package for an additional $30 per person.  It includes access to the VIP lounge, upgraded appetizers, a 15% discount at the gift shop, front row seating, and more! (The front row seating is reason enough for me to recommend the upgrade.)

Upon entering the VIP Governor’s Lounge a staff member checked our tickets and escorted us to the buffet. We were offered an array of upgraded appetizers including cheese, fresh fruit, chilled shrimp, hot meatballs, bacon wrapped scallops, mozzarella sticks and chicken pot stickers. 

 Around 7:20pm, a pre-show began back in the open area.  Then the doors opened to the main arena.  Those of us with VIP access entered first, followed by all others. Once seated, our server confirmed our meals and offered us drinks. The VIP package included unlimited soda and draft beer, which was perfect for me and my son.

The theater is divided into six colors. I was in the red section.
Cutthroat Jack was our leader! 

Through singing and chanting--and pulling a few from the audience onto the stage--the cast does a great job involving the audience. 

Cannon blasts and pyrotechnics add to the show!

As we enjoyed the show, dinner is served.
First, we were offered Tomato soup or Green salad.  My son and I both opted for salad. We had a choice of two dressings: Ranch or Apple Cider Vinaigrette.
As for the main entree, we both selected the Flame-kissed all natural chicken, Yukon gold potato purée, seasonal vegetable, garlic Demi-glaze. It was delish!
(Other options include Salmon and vegetarian pasta.)
Dessert was enjoyable as well--two small slices of layered mousse cake. 

As the show is concluding, our server cleaned away our plates and I was able to leave a tip (cash or credit). The suggested gratuity is $5 per adult and $3 per child.  I was happy to leave more as our server was excellent. 

After the show, those with VIP access are invited on stage for pictures.
(I did see a few other cast members taking pictures at the exit as well.)

But the party is not over yet!!
As we exited the theater, back into the pre-show hall, it's a full-on party!
I suggest you stay for a bit, grab another drink and show off some dance moves. 

My son and I had a great time!  (Oh, I failed to mention, he was pulled up onto stage twice during the night!) From the food to the atmosphere to the entertainment, we both loved our evening at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure.  It is a great attraction for both tourists and locals.

For further information, including show times, group rates and to buy tickets, visit www.piratesdinneradventure.com and call toll-free 1-866-439-2469.