Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tourist Tuesday: Afternoon Tea at American Girl Doll Bistro

This week for Tourist Tuesday, the kids and I headed to American Girl Doll Store and Bistro in Orlando at the Florida Mall!

This was not our first visit, but we haven't been in two years so decided to return.
(Our visit to American Girl Doll Store was in Atlanta, but we have also visited the Orlando location on three occasions.)

In addition to the store, a Bistro is on sight which serves lunch and dinner as well as afternoon tea. Walk-ins are welcome but reservations are recommended. 

But before we talk about the Bistro, let's do some shopping...

The new girl of  the year, Luciana Vega, was recently released!
(My daughter's first American Girl Doll was Kanani, the 2011 Girl of the Year. In fact, we decorated my daughter's entire bedroom in a Hawaii theme to welcome her doll to our home!) 

If you want to learn more about this year's doll, check out my friend Amber's blog post HERE

Even if you don't have an American Girl Doll, it's fun to visit the store. The displays are set up well and you will want to explore each area.  It certainly makes me feel like a kid again! 

Since our last visit to the American Girl Doll store, boy dolls have been released. 

The doll furniture and accessories in the store are amazing!

The bitty baby collection is available for younger childern. 

Don't forget to stop by the Doll Hair Salon! Experts give doll hairdos, ear piercing, pampering services and more. Walk-ins and reservations accepted. 

As much fun as we were having in the store, it was time for our tea reservation.
(Tea is served from 2:00pm to 4:30pm).
We were sitted promptly at 2:15pm.

Afternoon tea includes a pre-set menu, priced at $13.50 per person.
My daughter has a peanut allergy and we were happy to learn the entire bistro is peanut-free. 

Each table has a box of questions which allow for wonderful conversation at your table. 

The questions are great for both kids and adults. 

My daughter brought one of her dolls along with us to tea. 

There is a special chair for the doll at the table!

Several varieties of tea are available (and included in the price) as is soda, milk and water.

My son loves tea! He will not touch soda!

Our doll even received a special tea cup and saucer!

Our food arrived promptly... Three tiers of amazing treats including muffins, yogurt, fruit, mini sandwiches, pigs in a blanket and mini cheeseburgers.  There was enough for all of us to enjoy!

The turkey and cucumber sandwiches were my favorite. 

I love that the sandwiches were cut into cute shapes!

Even the fruit was cut into stars and put on skewers! Too cute!

And then came dessert. Each of us received our own plate which included a chocolate mousse, a cupcake and a sugar cookie.

My daugther saved all the flowers and turned them into hair accessories!

I want to mention that the store also hosts special events as well as birthday parties, so make sure you check out the web site for all the details!

The kids and I had such a wonderful time at American Girl Doll - Orlando.  From shopping to tea, we shared lots of laughs and some nice conversation. I'm glad we made a repeat visit. It was such a special afternoon!