Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tourist Tuesday: Hanging Out with Celebs at Madame Tussads Orlando

For this week's #TouristTuesday, the kids and I headed to Madame Tussads Orlando, a place to get close to your favorite A-List wax celebrities!

The Orlando museum is located next to the ICON Orlando 360 (aka Orlando Eye). Free parking is available. The attraction normally opens at 10am, but I suggest you check the website for official times before your visit. Tickets can be purchased at the museum or in advance online.

The Orlando museum is the sixth Madame Tussads location in the US.  It opened in 2015.

Fun fact: Did you realize the first Madame Tussauds location opened over 200 years ago!?
There is so much history to the museum and the making of the wax figures! 

Madame Tussads Orlando is broken up into sections: Film, A-List Party, History, Sports, Music and TV. It takes about one to two hours to experience depending on your pace. 

The "history" area was one of my favorites. It allowed me to throw in a little bit of "summer learning" on our outing, which is always a plus as a mom!

I was surprised at the amount of fun to be had! Prior to entering the attraction, I didn't think we would be able to touch the wax figures, but while getting our tickets, we were encouraged to pose with them --and to use the available props! 

So realistic!! The details are simply amazing.

I've heard from others that the figures change often so no two visits are alike.

This summer, for a limited time, a special exhibit is underway...  Justice League: A Call For Heroes and YOUR help is needed to save the world!

Wax figure versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are in the new interactive Justice League exhibit.

Strike a pose with Wonder Woman!

Help Superman lift up a helicopter before it crashes!

BATMAN -- It's like being on a movie set!

Here's my advice! Go early to beat the crowds. Take your time; don't rush the fun. Study the details in each "person".  Enjoy setting up the perfect pictures with the props!
I promise you....you will have a GREAT TIME!

Once you are done rubbing elbows with the famous celebs, you can purchase a few of your photos from the gift shop. The pictures come in a nice VIP Photobook and can also be emailed to you.

The gift shop is filled with Justice League merchandise this summer...

...As well as general souvenirs, like this tee shirt my daughter purchased for $12.

We had a blast at Madame Tussads Orlando! We were able to learn a few things while sharing many laughs.  It's a great stop in Orlando for those of all ages.