Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Tourist Tuesday: Our Visit to SKELETONS Museum of Osteology

 I have lived in Orlando for 22 years and over the years I have visited the theme parks many, many times (probably too many to count!).  Now ya'll know I love the parks, but gosh it is hot right now. I was also thinking I want to introduce my two tweens to more experiences. So this summer, I've made it my mission to find some "hidden treasures" in Florida.

We started with a trip to SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology; and wow it did not disappoint!!

So let's start at the beginning! We went on a Monday morning. My kids were excited to get "summer break" started and we selected this as our first summer adventure!

The Skeletons Museum of Osteology is located next to the the ICON Orlando 360, which is the newest name of the Orlando Eye, formerly the Coca Cola Orlando Eye. Free parking is available in the garage.

It's easy to find the museum.  Look for the giant African Elephant skull!

The employee in the gift store was warm and informative.  He gave us our tickets and told us a little about what we would see once inside.  He explained to my kids how the museum collects and cleans the skeletons and asked them about their favorite animals.

The first stop was this funny photo opp (Human Yoga Skeleton!).  My son nailed it--ha!

Next, we watched a video which explained the difference between living bones and dead skeletons. I learned a few things and it got my kids excited to start our tour!

My son was seriously into the exhibits. He enjoyed the "scavenger hunt" worksheet which was a series of questions and games. (As a mom I love when an event can be fun AND educational!)

Skeletons in the museum include tigers, manatee, monkeys, bats ....
even a giraffe ...the list goes on and on!

My daughter and I were fascinated with the the smaller skeletons such as this hummingbird!

There are over 500 skeletons for you to see in the SKELETONS Museum of Osteology
I took so many pictures but if I shared them all with you, there would be no reason for you to go yourself...and trust me, you want to go!

The last stop we made was my favorite.  There are several small skulls set out on a table and my kids had to guess which skull belonged to which animal. I think they enjoyed the opportunity to finally touch the skeletons!

On the way out, make sure to stop in the gift store.
You can even start your own skeleton collection!

If you're not so adventurous, the gift store has many souvenirs for purchase, including cups, magnets, shirts, coasters, etc.

One last skeleton on the way out, the Sea Whale!

Would we go back? HECK YES! 

In fact, my son is already talking about a return visit. The museum is a must for any tourist or Orlando-local! There are several special events (such as Family Fun Days and Forensic Night), special Homeschool days, field trip options, birthday party options and more.

Please check out the website for details:

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology is Orlando’s newest science museum and the only natural history museum in the city.  A unique collection powered by Skulls Unlimited International, Inc., SKELETONS features 500 REAL skeletons in natural poses and dioramas to demonstrate how an animal moves and interacts with its environment.

Located right next to the Icon Orlando, formerly known as the Orlando Eye, in the ICON Orlando 360 complex, the museum is the latest and largest from the Villemarette family, with the original SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, OK.  The goal for the museum is to serve as a fun & educational experience, where visitors of all ages will gain a deeper appreciation for vertebrate life.

The museum is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all ages. Included in admission, guests receive a scavenger hunt to complete while touring the 40+ exhibits. In addition to general admission, SKELETONS hosts many different events, field trips & education programs, team building and is even available for private events.

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology is open daily from 10am-10pm. TIP: Be sure to check their web site for coupons and/or deals before making a visit.