Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Family Halloween Costumes: Fast Food Junkies

This was a last minute idea for our family this year and it worked out great.  Each of us chose a fast food franchise and went with it!

Hubby - KFC
Me - Starbucks
Daughter - Wendy's
Son - Pizza Hut

My husband already had a white dress shirt and glasses.  We ordered a red apron from Amazon, picked up the mustache/goatee at Party City; and a spool of black ribbon (for the neck tie) at Joanne's. 

I had a green tee shirt and found the cute Starbucks fascinator/headband on etsy!

My daughter had found her Wendy's tee shirt at Uniqlo in the summer for $5. We braided her hair and threw on the blue ribbons. (I would have liked to paint her hair red but she decided not too.)

We found my son a red polo on clearance at Target; ordered a "Pizza" cap off of Amazon; and I printed the PizzaHut logo on my computer. 

It was seriously easy and so much fun! 
(The restaurants were happy to give us "free accessories" -- cups, buckets, etc).
Happy Halloween y'all!