Sunday, August 20, 2017

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe (Mickey shaped!)

Do ya'll remember the star-shaped shortcake I made over the July 4th weekend? It was so easy and delish and I knew I would make it again soon.  Just wasn't sure when...


And, opportunity arose!
I have a cousin who is starting work at Walt Disney World this week under the Disney College Program.  I wanted to welcome her to Orlando so invited her over for brunch this past weekend.

What I love about this shortcake, is that the shortcake stays good for a couple of days. Therefore, I was able to bake the night before. (When entertaining I always try to prep and/or cook as much as possible in advance!)

I used my Mickey Mouse cookie cutter this time...Into the oven they go!


 Thank you to I Should Be Mopping The Floor for this Sweet Cream Berry Shortcake recipe!