Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Perfect for Summer: Key Lime Pound Cake

On Sunday nights, I like for my family to sit down to a big homemade dinner, which always includes dessert. (We do strive to eat dinner together as often as possible as a family but that isn't so easy with work schedules and after-school activities, so Sunday dinner is a MUST for me! The kids look forward to it as well. It's become our tradition, so to speak.) This weekend, I pulled out my recipe binder to look for ideas, and came across a Southern Living recipe published in 2011 for Key Lime Pound Cake

One word: AMAZING!

It's truly the perfect summer recipe! I would suggest two things if you decide to try this recipe yourself:

First, bake this cake in the morning while it is cooler outside (especially if you live in the south like me) as the cake bakes in the oven for 80-minutes. You don't want to heat up your house in the heat of the afternoon.

Second, The recipe calls for shortening. I don't have shortening in my house and didn't want to buy a huge container as the recipe calls for so little of it, so I used regular cream cheese as a replacement. It worked great.

Happy baking, my friends!