Monday, May 01, 2017

Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

For years I have been admiring the pictures from Dapper Day. This year, I bit the bullet and decided to go!  At first, I was only going to "people watch", but then a friend convinced me to "dress" for the day. I didn't have much time to shop so tried to find something in my closet. 

A month before, I had gotten this dress to wear on Easter. 
(By the way, can I tell you that I found this Mud Pie dress for only $20 on Amazon--score!!) 
I love the large collar on the neck so decided this could possibly work for Dapper Day.

I went back to to find accessories.  I purchased the navy blue fascinator and cat eye glasses!  Of course, red lipstick is a must for this event. 

The Spring 2017 Dapper Day at Walt Disney World included two days: one day at Magic Kingdom and a second day at Epcot. We decided to attend the second day at Epcot. We did not attend any of the official events (but plan to next time!). We basically walked around Epcot to try to get a "feel" for the day and to see others dressed up.

Can I tell you that we had a blast!? I can't wait to do it again.