Sunday, April 03, 2016

Walt Disney World: Easter Egg Hunt 2016 at Epcot

So apparently this is been around for two or three years, but I just heard about it this year! It is a "Easter egg hunt" at Epcot. You walk to EACH country to find a hidden egg and once you find it, you put a sticker on your map. At the end of the hunt, you receive ONE special Disney plastic egg! The cost is $5.95.  (Today, April 3 was the LAST day for this season, but hopefully you can check it out next Spring!)

Here is the map we received:

Their or six eggs to choose from at Epcot in 2016:

Here are a few of the eggs we spotted around Epcot. (The eggs are about 2 feet tall, and most are higher up on buildings, but I won't  to give away all the secrets.)