What do three years olds like most!?  Mickey Mouse of course!!  

Here are a few pics from my PK3 Clubhouse (the one and only year I taught preschool). 

Black paper plates and card stock were used to make this board. 
Can you tell I accidentally stapled the ears upside down (DOH!) I didn't catch the mistake until half way through the year. But these were so simple to make at home. 

My calendar board. 
I found the printables on Teachers Pay Teachers. Once printed, I made sure to laminate for durability.  I put double sided tape on each of the numbers so I could use over and over each month.
The Welcome banner on Eureka. 

Class jobs change weekly. 
I found the Mickey Hands on Eurkea!
I used double sided tape so I could easily move each Monday morning. 

I used the "hot dog" area to show off artwork. 
And, I had each child to bring a family pic for the "family" board. 

As a recap, I found all items on Eureka, Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, Dollar Tree and Party City. Mickey is everywhere-- just keep your eyes open!  
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