Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tween Room makeover: Black, White, and Purple

My daughter said NO MORE PINK. She is almost ten and wanted a TWEEN room.  This was the color palette my daughter chose. This was our FIRST step of the makeover.

Finished room PICS here (minus the drapes!):

Paint color: Sherwin Wlliams HGTV at Lowe's Voilet Cache

My daughter says "no more pink"! I love her current Pink Beach room, but she's ready for a bedroom makeover. Here are a few inspiration pics we found on Pinterest--notice they all have a black and white theme:

AND NOW TIME TO SHOP!! ... and make our own custom bedroom...

I was fortunate--I found this great duvet cover and shams on clearance!!

Most tweens are opting for teal this season but we are going purple!  I found this throw pillow (JCPenney) and sheets (Macy's) at the mall.

To blend in the lighter and darker shades of purple, I ordered a monogrammed pillowcase from Etsy. 

Drawer knobs from Etsy (replaced top two knobs on chest):

Light switch plate and outlet covers also from Etsy:
To soften the room, I am going with white  ruffled drapes from Target:

Purple jewelry box from PBTeen:

Fabric storage bins that match her comforter:

And a great black and white bath towel with her name in a purple font:

Check out this super cute garbage can I found at Walmart!  It's black with white polka dots, with a silver rim!

Also from Walmart, a hook shelf to hang her towel and jewelry along with a picture frame.

I've been picking up accessories at a   variety of places, such as Old-Tyme Pottery and Marshall's!


My shopping list:
  • Duvet cover (PB Teen)
  • Fabric storage bins (PB Teen)
  • Throw pillows (JCP and Etsy)
  • Monogrammed bath towel (PB Teen)
  • New sheets (Macy's)
  • Drapes (Target)
  • Light switch cover/outlet covers (Etsy)
  • Drawer knobs (Etsy)
  • Picture frames (Marshall's and Walmart)
  • Wall hook (Walmart)
  • Mirror behind the door (Walmart)
  • Garbage can (Walmart)
  • Lampshade (Walmart)
  • Jewelry box (PB Teen)
  • Vanity mirror (Marshall's)