Kelly Ripa's new 'do inspired me to go to a short bob:

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It's been MONTHS since I got a haircut, but I was ready to go short for the Fall.



Many years later I still have a similar cut:

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March 1 - 7 is Facial Palsy Awareness Week, and I want to take a minute to share my past year with you. A year ago I woke up with half of my face frozen. I thought I was having an allergic reaction or perhaps even a stroke, but through a series of tests, MRIs, and doctor visits, I was dx’ed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a very rare form of shingles. I was told I had Grade 5 Facial Palsy (meaning only 20% of my face functioned). I was unable to swallow food and was put on a liquid diet. My eye was stuck wide open. (I was unable to blink or close my eye and wore an eye patch for weeks!). My hearing and speech were also affected. . . . Yesterday, I was told that I have (improved to) Grade 3 Facial Palsy (60% functionality) —which is great news ... BUT that this would probably be it for me. Meaning chances of further movement doesn’t look good. So here I am adjusting to my new normal. I truly expected full healing and this feels like a huge blow 😕 For the remainder of my life, I will suffer with a dry/sensitive eye, hearing loss, altered test buds, trouble chewing, facial pain & spasms, and the inability to give a full smile. I share not for sympathy but for awareness. Awareness that not everyone looks the same and THAT IS OKAY. Awareness that many people are suffering a battle you don’t know about SO BE KIND YA’LL. And a reminder to feel blessed for what God has given you!! ➡️SWIPE➡️ . . #ramsayhuntsyndrome #facialparalysis #facialpalsy #facialparalysisawareness #shingles
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