Saturday, August 24, 2013

College GameDay - How to dress in Team Colors!

My new issue of Southern Living came and I was so excited to see these new striped ballet flats.
Tons of great colors for your favorite team!
They even sell matching shoe clips with team logos:
Image 1
 Another great online shop, Hazel & Olive, offers Game day wear.  They have a variety of dresses, shirts and jewelry in popular team colors.

L. Mae Boutique offers dresses as well.  You can get a solid colored dress and then add a colored game day sash in team colors!  (here's an orange dress for Gator fans!)
GLAM Dress
They also offer pretty tear bib necklaces such as this one:

Need a new handbag in your team's colors?  Try Grateful Bags!

And Totally Collegiate has great bags, totes, cell phone covers and more!

Loudmouth is my new favorite!
Loudmouth offers great college team shorts for men...

And skirts for women:

And we can't forget Thomas Dean's apparel for the men in our lives. 
I love their vest and gingham shirts:

Do you have any favorite College game day outfits to share?  Tell me!