Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ouch: Eyebrow wax burn (or reaction)

Yes, this is my eyebrow 20 minutes after a wax!!!  The cosmetologist said one of my skin care products is making my skin extra sensitive and thus reacting to the hot wax.  (As a note I went to a trusted spa, not a cheap nail service place)  Lovely.  I have put on aloe vera and antibiotic ointment, and am praying for no scarring. 

Has this every happened to you??

The next morning...still red and now swollen!

 I will be wearing sunglasses all day to wide this!!!

Well I went to the dermatologists; and apparently, one of my face creams has “retinoids” in it, so I shouldn’t have used wax…who knew!?!  I am supposed to stop using the cream for seven days prior to waxing!! I had no idea.  She gave me a RX for Bionect (which is very expensive, like $200+!!), but it will give quicker healing.