Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas pajamas for my kiddos

Every year my kids get new pajamas at Christmas time; it's a family tradition.  My mom used to give us new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but I started giving my kids new pajamas on Thanksgiving. Actually, Gus the Elf delivers the pajamas! :)
Usually, it's easy to find cute pajamas, but as my kids get older, I am finding it harder and harder.  However, here are a few options I have found online so far:
Boys Printed PJ Sets
Old Navy Boys Printed PJs (above)
The Children's Place Snowman Fleece (green, pink or blue) has a super cute set. 
Holiday Stripe  Family Set
Pajamagram has matching family sets (but are a little pricey than others).

UPDATE: Found these from Gymboree! So cute and come in bigger sizes too! yea.
Snowman Two-Piece Gymmies

Hmm, which do you like best???

And just because I love my kiddos, here are a few pictures of our Christmas pajamas in the past: