Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SuperDad: More Father's Day Ideas and Free printables

The kids and I have decided on a "superhero" or "Super Dad" idea for Father's Day.  Here are some free printables I am using!  I am using a number of different sites and printables to make one big celebration come together!

Printable 1:
Printable 2:

Cute, but not free:

Free Printables (I am only using the water bottle wrappers, page 13): http://party.catchmyparty.com/files/fathers-day/fathers-day-collection-love-party-printables.pdf

Superhero Dad Candy Wrapper:

super hero dad big candy bar wrapper - pdf file

More printables (cupcake toppers) Boom! Pow! Pop!:

SuperDad free printable banner:

This last set is for a superhero birthday party, but can be used for Father's Day as well  (I made printable bottle labels with “Pop!”, “Glug!” and “Fizz” on the front):