Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 5: Brett Hoebel's 30-day Flat Belly Challenge

Well, it's Day 5 for me on Brett Hoebel's 30-day challenge, and I am hanging in there!  I am still following the diet and feel pretty good. I am not craving sweets like I expected. 

Day 3:
Breakfast: Natural PB on Brown Rice Cake
Lunch: Ham, Lettuce Tomato on white sub (lunch event, nothing else to eat!)
Dinner:  6 Boiled Shrimp

Day 4:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (1 egg/2whites)
Lunch: Egg Salad on Romaine Lettuce
Dinner:  Seasoned ground turkey patty with sweet potato "fries"

Day 5:
Breakfast:  Natural PB on Brown Rice Cake
Lunch: 9 Boiled shrimp
Snack: Pure Protein Peanut Butter bar
Dinner: (not sure yet!)

I wish I ate nuts but I don't!  It would be the perfect snack (as Brett mentioned) but I have never liked nuts.  So it's hard for me to find a "snack" in the mid-afternoon, so I am filling up on extra water when I get hungry.

Also wanted to note, Brett mentioned using a probiotic straw, but instead I am just taking one probiotic capsule each morning.  And each night, I am taking the Tonalin CLA he suggested. (I am not taking the L-Glutamine he suggested, as I just haven't had time to pick any up.)
(Disclaimer: I am not in the medical field and not offering advice.  I am just telling you what I am doing. You must talk to your own doctor before starting any supplements.)