Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 17: Brett Hoebel's 30 Day Flat Belly Challenge

I got a good friend of mine started on Brett Hoebel's Flat Belly diet!  She is on Day 2, and I am on Day 17.  We have been exchanging recipes and ways to improve the flavor of foods. 

Turkey Meatballs.  Carmelize onions in olive oil; add some garlic (or garlic powder), pepper, and add to ground turkey!  I also add a raw egg to ground turkey for extra protein.  Cook as you would normal meatballs.  (Not sure if tomatoes are allowed on the flat belly diet, but I did smash one up with my meatballs. My friend dipped hers in hummus for extra flavor).

Margarita Chicken:  Marinate chicken in lime juice, garlic, and black pepper.  Grill chicken and serve on a bed of lettuce.  Add a low-sugar, low-cal dressing! 

Boiled Shrimp: Boil raw shrimp in boiling water with a touh of Cajun seasoning for five minutes.  Peel and eat.  (I love to eat them plain; other times I add to green salad or even an omelette!)

On to another subject, I have really missing "carbs" the past few days.  I had a moment of weakness on Sunday night, and ate a side of mac & cheese at a restaurant.  For two days I kept craving more!!  It took a lot of willpower but I stayed clear of "white flour" products (bread and pasta) and drank lots of extra water!  And, I keep reminding myself, it's only 30 days, and I am more than half way there!!

As for exercise, if you find Brett's workout too challenging, try this one for the first couple of days until you get stronger.  (You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0efO4hh60c).  It's what I had to do.  I feel my stomach muscels getting stonger, but am still doing "modified" exercises.  I know I have a ways to go, and am hoping to lose a couple of inches (not necessarily get a six pack look in 30 days, ha...that would be impossible!)

How are you guys doing?  Any special tricks or recipes you want to share?

Disclaimer: I am not in the medical profession and am not offering medical advice. You must see your own physician to discuss how dieting may affect your health.