Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sclerotherapy (Spider vein treatment): My Story

Ever since I delivered my children, I have noticed small spider veins in my legs. They are pale and don't bother me much. However, a couple are more noticable. Recently, I saw a segment on the Dr. Oz show where a lady had her veins removed with a simple injection so did some research.

Today, I had the injections done; it's called sclerotherapy. I paid for 40 injections but we stopped around 15 injections (I am a wuss, ha). It did sting a little, but I know it will be worth it in the end. (I truly didn't think I had that many veins but I have never inspected the back of my legs, ha. The doctor pointed out several I had never even noticed). I go back for the remainder of the injections next week. (I salute the ladies who can get it done in one sitting, I am not that brave, ha)

My doctor does not require compression doctors post-procedure (thank God; it's quite hot in Florida.) Instead she puts on very tight compression tape, which I had to keep on for two hours (no that is not cellulite on my legs; the bandages are that tight). I was also encourage to exercise, and NOT rest.I will have a few red marks and/or bruises for 2 or 3 weeks. Here you can see a few bruises on my lower calf (at the injection site) so will wear crop pants the next few days, not shorts, so I don't freak others out. You can also see a few smaller veins that we haven't gotten to you yet (again, I will go back next week to finish).I never thought I would have a "cosmetic procedure" done but am glad I did it! I will post more picutres next week.