Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tangled at WDW's Magic Kingdom

My kids love going to Disney World to see Characters (yes they love the characters more than the rides). Knowing that Rapunzel is "hot" right now, we got there early. The park opened at 8am, we arrived at 830am and was in line at 845. However, we were told that our group would be in the 10:15am group (worth the wait--in fact, while I waited in line, hubby was able to do three rides with the kiddos!)

Tangled starts with the kids gathering in the center to color while parents "que up" along the ramp for photos.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider come out on stage, tak for a minute, and then jump down to the table with the kids!They actually sing and dance with the kids for several moments! Then the kids are asked to meet their parents (back in line) for photo opps! Recognize this little guy!?Our turn for a photo! Well worth the wait, in my opinion. Very interactive. Better than some of the other "character spots" where you take a quick picture and move along. This was an "experience" more than a photo opp! Parents and kids were happy with this new set up!