Friday, July 09, 2010

Only one more week: Standing Ovation

If you loved High School Musical… then, think Junior High School Musical, as you shake to the awesome high-energy dance moves, listen to the cool new tunes and laugh your way through this hip original family film that will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to put on your dancin’ shoes. Standing Ovation is the feel-good music and dance movie of the summer!

A positive tale of perseverance and passion, Standing Ovation arrives in theaters on July 16, 2010 featuring 20 original songs and 13 never-before-seen dance numbers that showcase an exciting cast of talented young newcomers as they learn the importance of loyalty, friendship and family on a journey to fulfilling their dreams.

Presented by Kenilworth Films, Standing Ovation features a refreshing and talented cast of kids who tell the story through their optimistic eyes, resulting in a delightful plot filled with playful innocence. With its sincerity and connectivity, Standing Ovation takes the audience on the real-life journey of ordinary kids with extraordinary dreams. Directed by Stewart Raffill (The Adventures of the Wilderness Family), produced by Diane Kirman (The New Swiss Family Robinson) and executive produced by James Brolin and Dr. William Lewis, Standing Ovation is a film made by the children for the children, that gives the everyday kid a chance to turn their own dreams into their reality. Standing Ovation is rated PG.

Showcasing a spectacular cast of young and talented actors, singers, songwriters, dancers, gymnasts and musicians from Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the surrounding areas, Standing Ovation reveals the undiscovered talent and drive of the East Coast’s youth. The cast’s dazzling performances electrify the screen with their innate charm, charisma and professionalism that extends well beyond their years, making the audience forget that some have never before stepped into the spotlight or performed in front of the camera. Every cast member has their own success story to tell which embodies the Standing Ovation message to ALL young people who have a similar dream, “If you are a Wannabe, then you Gonnabe!”

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