Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes with a Twist

Last year it was my first time hosting and cooking Thanksgiving lunch for the family. I wanted to give everyone the traditional side dishes, but with an updated twist. Here are four recipes I loved and plan to use again this Turkey Day.

Most people like the traditional sweet potato casserole with either marshmallows or pecans on top, but I recommend you try Sweet Potato Balls this year!

Cranberry molds are too dated (I mean truly I think of my deceased great Aunt who would always "mold" her fruit in jello!). Why not serve cranberries in a salad, like an apple-cranberry salad toss?

Pass up the green bean casserole and opt for Lemony Green Beans which have a tint of lemon and basil.

As for mashed potatoes, I like to do them a few hours before in the crock pot! Add some cream cheese and sour cream for instant YUM with these Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe?