Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunglasses for YOUR face shape

Every girl loves a great pair of sunglasses but do you know how to properly shop for the shape of your face?

Oversized sunglasses (pictured, Target $16.99), made popular by Paris Hilton, have been the trend for the past two years. They complement women who have an oval shaped face or a larger nose.

On the other hand, smaller glassses with a straight frame (think square) are a great match for those with a round shaped face.

Aviator sunglasses (or those with thin rims) can be worn by those with a triangular shaped face (larger forhead and narrow chin).

If you have a long narrow (oblong) face, make sure your eyewear frames cover the center of your face as much as possible.

No matter what your face shape, remember to always protect your eyes by purchasing shades that offer UV protection.