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Guest Post: What Every Family Needs to do Before They Move in to a Home with a Pool

What Every Family Needs to do Before They Move in to a Home with a PoolBy Eric Lupton, President Life Saver Pool Fence

Nearly 300-children under the age of five drown in pools and spas every year. The number one way to prevent drownings is through proactive parent supervision, but most drownings occur when a child was thought to be in the house but slipped outside without anyone knowing. This year alone, at least two children drowned days after their family moved into a new home.

In 77% of accidental drownings, the child had been seen 5-minutes or less before being missed. That’s why pool safety advocates at Life Saver Pool Fence urge parents to install layers of protection in a home before they move in. These are designed to block kids from getting to the pool or at least slow them down so parents have more time to get to them before the child gets to a pool.

1. High locks on all doors and windows

Before you move in, install locks on doors and windows that are high and out of the rea…

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