Easter is coming in a few days  I'm starting to gather my recipes and grab items for the kids' baskets.

 I normally fill their Easter baskets with candy, a few small toys and new swimsuits. Here are three new kids toys I am looking at this Easter -- and all around the $4 price point. 

Cutie Poms from Bullsitoy

Fluffy, soft and full of personality! The Cutie Poms come hidden inside their very own cubbies that can be personalized with adorable stickers! Each Cutie Pom comes with a character check list and information sheet that tells you everything you need to know about your new BFF!
MSRP: 3.99 / Availability: Target (In Store)

Easter Radz

Sweeter than sweet! These Easter Radz are the cutest! Coming in four adorable versions and exclusive Easter flavors, Each Easter Radz comes with your favorite Radz Candy and a mini coloring page!
MSRP:  3.99 / Availability: Walmart 

Trolls 2 Radz by Radz

  Who can’t wait for the premiere of Trolls 2?! Not us, that’s for sure! Trolls 2 Radz are just the thing to bring a touch of magic to your Easter baskets! There are 5 to collect and make the perfect movie time snack! What’s tastier than Radz?
MSRP: 3.99 / Availbility: Walmart

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