My daughter just got out of braces and now has a retainer.  My son just started his orthodontic treatment.  As a parent, I want to make sure they are taking great care of their teeth and their appliances! I knew that I needed a product that was simple for them to use. 

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Recently, we were given samples of a new patent-pending product to try, 
EverSmile® OrthoFoam, which is designed to clean and whiten teeth for those undergoing orthodontic treatment.  My son added OrthoFoam to his teeth cleaning regime twice a day. He said the product was really easy to use and he liked the bubblegum flavor. 

My daughter has been using the AlignerFresh product morning and night (although it can be used up to six times a day). She loves that the product removes aligner build up and freshens her breath. As a parent, I love that 99.999% of common oral bacteria are killed. 

OrthoFoam and EverSmile also whiten teeth. (Yup, the products clean and whiten at the same time!)

Want your kids to try it too? 

EverSmile products can be purchased on the EverSmile website and Amazon (see affiliate links below). The company also offers a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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