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Gifts made with your own hands are among the best gifts that you could present to your daughter at her birthday (and anyone’s birthday really). DIY gifts show that you are affectionate enough to spend your own time and effort on making a gift!

And while buying a gift is perfectly alright, a DIY gift can have a whole another meaning and perhaps usefulness for the birthday girl.

With that being said, what kind of a gift to make exactly? Well, let’s have a look at 5 unique DIY gift ideas for your daughter’s 14th birthday!

What Would Be the Best Gift for Your Daughter’s Birthday?

Picking a gift for a birthday a few weeks before the occasion likely haunts most people out there. There are so many options, and yet, it’s not clear what kind of a birthday present to prepare.
Well, a good strategy is to just ask them what they want, but this may not work for you if you want to surprise your daughter.

In this case, make a gift that would be useful for them. DIY presents are great, but it would be even better if they were practical! So you may want to ensure that whatever you gift to your daughter can make her life easier or perhaps emphasize her style.

With that being said, let’s proceed to our top 5 of unique DIY gifts for your daughter’s 14th birthday (don’t worry, these ideas could suit younger and older gifts as well).

5 Unique DIY Gift Ideas for Your Daughter’s 14th Birthday

DIY Terrarium Kit

The DIY terrarium kit is a cool gift idea that can be made literally in minutes. The basic things you need for this DIY gift is soil, small stones, activated charcoal, plants, and a container to keep the plant growing in. In spite of this project’s simplicity, it may allow you to give some liberty to your imagination and make something out of this world.
A DIY terrarium kit is a fairly low-maintenance gift – a terrarium doesn’t require as much attention as a pet, but it does require some minimal involvement. Not only that, but since you can make a pretty cute terrarium in just a few minutes, it’s a good last-minute gift idea to implement.
There are many ways in which this gift may be implemented. You may go for a simple jar, or you may go much further and make a hanging terrarium, for example. The grandeur of your DIY terrarium gift will depend on the tools you have, as well as the time available at hand before your daughter’s birthday.
You may check here for a few ideas, or you may alternatively search for DIY terrarium ideas on Google.

DIY Clock

One could argue that a practical gift is the best gift. Well, one practical DIY gift idea is a DIY clock.
A simple google search could provide you with a variety of DIY clock project instructions, but you may go ahead and have a look at this one. It seems to be relatively simple and easy to implement, though it will take a bit more effort than a gift like a DIY terrarium.
The particular project we’ve referred implies the use of gift wrapping to decorate the watch face, but if you have the tools and skills for it, you may have the wooden base painted yourself. Not that the base instruction isn’t DIY enough, but by painting it, you will add a little more personality to the gift. Plus, this may be especially cool if your daughter is into painting!

Dip-Dyed Shirt

A dip-dyed shirt is yet another cool & practical DIY gift idea that you could implement for your daughter’s 14th birthday. In fact, you could turn this gift idea into a fun experience for you and your daughter!
Now, dip-dying a shirt is not the easiest project in the world, and it can get messy if you aren’t careful. Plus, you need a good variety of supplies to dip-dye a shirt. To get started, you may consult this guide by wikiHow.
Before dip-dying a shirt, you may want to practice a little on some white piece of fabric. It may seem that the color pattern on a dip-dyed shirt is random, but it actually takes some practice to control it and get what you want.
And speaking of patterns, one great thing about dip-dying is that it allows you to get a variety of perhaps messy yet cool color patterns!
You may dip-dye a shirt beforehand and gift it to your daughter on her birthday, or you may turn dip-dying a shirt a fun birthday activity and make the shirt with your daughter. But again, make sure to do a test dip-dying beforehand so that you can direct your girl!

DIY Seed Bead Bracelet

A seed bead bracelet is also a fairly simple DIY project. A few of your daughter’s favorite colored glass and seed beads, a little bit of embroidery floss, and the DIY gift is ready!
Don’t limit yourself to just one bracelet – make a few with different color patterns to match the style of your daughter. Not only that, but it actually may be a very cool idea to combine a dip-dyed shirt with a DIY seed bracelet, especially if you match the colors in them!

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Finally, you could make a DIY jewelry organizer for your daughter. This is again a pretty practical gift, especially if your girl has a lot of things to keep organized.
One way of making a jewelry organizer is described here, which is a fairly simple project involving only a couple of tools and supplies. You may also add a few of your own touches to improve the organizer’s functionality or appearance.
You may also make a fabric jewelry-pouch organizer, which is more to our taste, to be fair. Aside from that, a jewelry pouch can be carried around, which may be a benefit big enough for you and your daughter.

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