My daughter recently turned 13.  It has been interesting to say the least! The beginning of the teen years is tough y'all. I am lucky that most days my daughter will tell me about her day and the things she encountered at school. 

I was happy to receive a copy of The Book of No WorriesThis book really covers it all -- from bullying to drugs to being dumped. It offers great advice for dealing with new situations. It's a great book for us to READ TOGETHER to deal with these situations. 

The illustrations are colorful and fun. 
Teen readers can jump around the various topics as needed.

I DO WANT TO POINT OUT SOMETHING: The topics of transgender and abortion are touched upon. These are real issues today.  But I also know that each family deals with these topics in different ways.  If you are against abortion, you may want to tear out these pages--or talk to your child about your thoughts on such sensitive topics! 

Otherwise, the book is a great guide for older middle school kids who are "finding their way" through the challenging years of puberty.  

ISBN: 9781912413997 | $12.95

An essential guide that covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up - from peer pressure to puberty and all the worries in between.

This friendly and funny book aims to reassure tweens that their worries and fears are normal and offers practical tips for managing anxiety and stress. From problems at school to relationship woes, body image issues to troubles at home, all worries are recognized and case studies and questions from real-life anonymous readers offer positive tips and advice to help young people survive angst and stress that can bring them down. 

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