Disposable headwear liners soak up sweat to prevent stains, odors and burning eyes

My son, husband and daughter all have a collection of caps. (Heck, we need them to shield our faces from the sun in Florida!) It's nice to protect their hats from stains with the "No Sweat" product. They are lightweight, breathable and have no scent! Best of all, easy to apply. 

Playing sports, working hard on the job or just walking around town can lead to breaking out in
a sweat that interferes with your activities. Getting sweat in your eyes or having it roll down
your face can throw off your whole game, ruin your makeup and is just generally annoying.
NoSweat has created the first disposable performance liners for hats, helmets, hard hats and
visors that absorb sweat instantly while preventing odors, stains and even acne.

NoSweat thin liners simply peel and stick to the inside of headwear and feature SweatLock
technology engineered to instantly absorb sweat. Moisture is locked inside the line to help
prevent dripping sweat, fogging, sweat stains, acne and odor. Each NoSweat liner absorbs
around 2 ounces of sweat.

The liners are performance, safety and hygiene based allowing users to perform at their best,
without distractions that are associated with sweating. Depending on the person and activities
being performed, each liner can last anywhere from one round of golf to two weeks of standard
hat usage. The liners also preserve hats and keep the inside looking as fresh as the day it was

NoSweat is a 100% American Made company. NoSweat liners are backed by some of the
biggest names in sports including TJ Oshie, Golden Tate, Dallas Keuchel, Brandon McManus,
Stewart Cink, Scott Langley, Matt Adams and Kerry Feirman. The company is also an Official
Licensed Partner of the PGA TOUR.

NoSweat liners are available for hats, helmets, hardhats and visors and start at $4.99 for a pack
of three and $37.99 for a pack of 25. For more information and to purchase liners visit

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