In early July, Walt Disney World announced that they were revamping the beignets at Port Orleans.  In the past, they were the normal square pastries, but over the summer they became "Mickey shaped". 

If you are not familiar, a beignet is a fritter or French donught; mostly commonly found in New Orleans. Beignets are best eaten hot and fresh, covered in a mound of powdered sugar.

At Port Orleans - French Quarter's Sassagoula, the Mickey-shaped Beignets are reasonably priced (3 for $4.49 OR 6 for $6.99). 
There is dipping sauce (caramel, strawberry chicory coffee or ganche) for $1.99, but I am a true New Orleans girl and did not order any sauce.  Beignets are good enough eaten alone!

As a Louisiana native, I was ready to hate the Disney beignets.  I was sure they would be nothing like the original.  But, BOY WAS I WRONG! These beignets were great.  
(And I will probably get a lot of crap for admitting this---but the Disney ones maybe even better than the original ones from Cafe Du Monde!) 
They were thick, fluffy and had the right amount of sweetness. 

I also tried the Cafe au Lait (coffee and hot milk).  I will say this did not taste anything like the Cafe au Lait I used to drink back home in New Orleans. Save yourself a few bucks if you are at Port Orleans and just get the regular coffee....then go to the condiment bar and add your own milk and sugar as needed. 
The beignets are served all day long (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I would suggest staying away from prime meal times and visiting mid-afternoon. 
Oh, and make sure to grab some napkins because the powdered sugar is messy (but so worth it!). 

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