My son is 11-years old.  The kid eats ALL the time.  I have a cabinet full of snacks and granola bars, but I worry about too much sugar and the lack of protein. Thankfully, HEROFUEL, the first and only sports bar designed for kids, launches today!

HEROFUEL has 10g of protein, only 6-8g sugar, the right amount of fiber and carbs for kids playing sports, or just being active. (And gluten-free!) 

Available in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Brownie or Cookie N Cream. 

I got a sample in the mail and my son LOVES the bars! 
Good news--You can get a sample too!  Enter your email address on the website HERE

It’s the first and only sports bar made specifically for kids.  Kids love the taste, parents love the nutrition. By the way, these bars were created by a husband and wife Reid and Kassidy Pearson, who were avid young athletes and now triathletes.  Understanding the importance of nutrition on performance, the Pearsons were surprised at the lack of nutritious, convenient snack options for kids playing youth sports.

How do you purchase?  It's easy! You can buy online at or on
(Use promo code "FUELUP" to get 20-percent off!)  
Let me know if your little athlete loves them as much as my son!

(Disclaimer: I received in free sample of the product in exchange for a fair and honest review.)
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