Back to School = Back to Safety

Hey Parents, do me a quick favor please!...

As you get ready to return to school this month, take a few minutes to do a "safety check" with your kids. Do they know what to do if they are being adducted? Are their smart devices safe? Not easy subjects, I KNOW, but they need to be discussed.

Please take a few minutes to read the new Guide to Family Safety from the National Council for Home Safety and Security (a group made up of companies and individuals in the home safety and security industries).

Below is a glimpse of the guide...

Stalk your children

  •  Always set a meeting spot and teach your children how to be aware and smart in public (unless you want to give your children that classic “lost in the mall” experience).
  • Have their photo ID's taken every few months. Make sure all medical records are up to date.
  • Make online safety a priority. Be aware of your kids' Internet activities and remind them to never to give out personal information.
  • Make sure that everyone's phones are charged (buy a travel charger) and all important numbers are memorized.
  • FindMyFriends, FindMyPhone, PokemonGo, connect every kind of stalker app imaginable.
  • Don't make them a target. Kids trust adults who know their names, don't dress them in clothing with their names on it.