Dear B+N Customer Service,

Last week I ordered a Nook for my daughter. This is her "big gift" from Santa as she is only 8 years old.  My mom ordered a second Nook for my son, who is 6 years old.  We were proud to get them at great prices on Thanksgiving Day.  I was anticipating the joy in their faces on Christmas morning!!

Sadly, when one arrived yesterday, and the second today, both Barnes and Noble packages had "Nook HD" stamped on the sides of the boxes.  (Epic fail!)  My kids saw the boxes at the door. 

They immediately were shouting, "We are getting Nooks for Christmas!".  I am heartbroken that I won't be able to see my kids faces on Christmas morning opening gifts from Santa. 

To cover up your packaging, and the secret of Santa, my hubby and I will now have to give the Nooks to the kids from us---and go find new "Santa gifts" for Christmas morning.

Knowing its Christmas, I wish you would consider using plain brown boxes.

A Discouraged, Saddened Mother of Two

Update from B+N: 

There response to me via chat stated, "Please be advised that you may suppress the prices and tags od your order during check out."  They said if I would have "checked" this option, my package would have arrived in an unmarked box.   So, did you my readers know of this option??
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